Key Features

CDP gives users a tool to manage patient data from medical devices into one central platform for greater patient diagnosis, treatment and monitoring. Explore the main features of CDP.

Patient Management

Patient Management

CDP can help patients get appropriate treatment faster.

  • Capture the patient demographic information you need for clinical care and follow-up.
  • Integrate with HIS (Hospital Information System) to automatically capture patient details.
  • Create Case Data for first diagnosis.
  • Clinicians can order diagnostic tests and record a diagnosis.
  • Send result notifications via SMS or email to users and ad-hoc recipients.
  • Send data to any end program, such as Lab Information Management Systems or Electronic Medical Records.
  • Send scheduled reports of drug-resistant cases to supervisors.
Device Management

Device Management

Built to ensure that device networks are functioning correctly. Users can:

  • Access usage statistics, utilisation rates, results and trends by device.
  • Use quality indicator thresholds to identify labs that need support.
  • Send results directly to device manufacturers for troubleshooting.
  • Easily use the system on any computer or portable device with its fully responsive dashboard.
Connectivity & Data Management Services

Connectivity & Data Management Services

New devices and instruments are easily connected through the CDP manifest system. It only requires a simple XML script to interpret data.

  • CDP can be fully integrated with LIMs, EMRs and DHISs.
  • The CDP Bridge caches data to compensate for poor or intermittent internet connectivity.
Data Control & Ownership

Data Control & Ownership

CDP has been produced to operate as an in-country solution to support healthcare organisations to monitor and prevent the spread of diseases. Therefore all system data will be owned by the country's Ministry of Health. It also means that, where required, CDP can be hosted in-country.

Diseases Currently Monitored

Diseases Currently Monitored

CDP has been designed for flexibility. It is able to expand to support any disease monitoring and management

CDP currently supports:

  • Tuberculosis
  • Ebola
  • HIV
  • Hepatitis C (HCV)
Flexible Language Options

Flexible Language Options

Any language can be supported on CDP. Users can select a language on the login page or the user profile page. The platform is currently usable in English and Vietnamese. Any further translations can be made possible by the in-country IT coordinator or by the development team.


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