About CDP

CDP – or Connected Diagnostics Platform – is a software based management system built to act as a centralised point of integration, linking patients with diagnostic test results, and treatment paths, whilst capturing diagnostic instrument data and consumable usage.

CDP is intended for use primarily within LMIC’s (low to middle income countries) and has been designed to offer a complete data solution, or to work alongside existing software platforms (such as, e-TB Manager and Nikshay), in order to provide a full “patient-centric” solution.

CDP provides secure centralised access to clinical test data and device performance data and enables flexible visualisation and management. CDP digitises diagnostic test workflows and laboratory processes, from patient registration, case history, to examination and identification and tracking of samples.

CDP provides methods for capturing results from non-connected devices such as microscopes. By bringing connected and unconnected data together with the patient record and diagnosis, CDP is capable of collecting a unique and comprehensive view of testing across numerous diseases.

CDP provides a normalised dataset and extensive API’s suitable of meeting a wide range of reporting needs as well as providing online metrics and KPIs via dashboards.

About CDP and FIND

FIND logoEstablished in 2003, FIND is an international non-profit organisation that supports the development and delivery of diagnostic tests for poverty-related diseases, such as, Tuberculosis, HIV and Malaria. FIND aims to reduce barriers to innovation and implementation of diagnostic solutions in LMICs by working as a bridge between experts in technology, policy and clinical care.

CDP was conceptualised and developed by FIND in response to the increasing demand and need for device connectivity in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs), where current management of medical records and surveillance data rely on paper-based methods or fragmented systems and databases.

The platform allows for centralised and secure aggregation and flexible visualisation and management of clinical test and device performance data from diagnostics. It also provides the capability to digitise diagnostic test workflows and laboratory processes from patient registration, case history, examination and reporting of samples.

As one of the 9 priority digital health concepts identified by the WHO Agenda for Action on Digital health for the END TB Strategy for target product profiles, the adoption and use of diagnostics connectivity solutions are monitored as core indicators for laboratory strengthening. CDP has the potential to maximize public health impact, streamlining patient management, surveillance, quality assurance, laboratory operations, and technical product support.

Blue Frontier was among FIND’s development partners on the CDP project, which was completed in late 2016.

CDP is owned and maintained by Blue Frontier

Blue Frontier logoBlue Frontier is a UK based digital, IT and application development agency working extensively in the world of Connected Health Diagnostics. Blue Frontier is fully accredited with ISO’s 9001, 27001 & 13485 and offers a complete end-to-end digital and IT service, including consultancy, design, development and support.

FIND brought CDP through the proof of concept phase, including successful testing and development. Following these steps, FIND sought a commercial entity to bring CDP to market, in order to sustain its development, seek new opportunities for the platform, and guide its implementation. FIND has selected Blue Frontier to adopt CDP following an open RFP with an independent scoring process. Blue Frontier was awarded ownership of the CDP project and intellectual property in June 2017.


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